Miquel Angel


Every project and client is different and because my work is to give the best solution to your demand I will make sure to create a made to mesure strategy for your company to achieve a unique performance in this competitive market.


Fashion Business Advisor

Understanding your company, competitors, clients and potential market is the key that will give the information to work on which parts to potentiate, which we need to drive out and which ones we need to give extra attention and create strategic actions to make from weakness new opportunities for success.

Once we have all the information we will trace the strategy to grow and maximise your business, always in coherence with your vision of the company. Organising your team, finding if we need to implement new profiles to achieve our goals, understanding better which are our client needs and responding them in a more proactive and efficient way, creating direct actions in short and the long term.

All this plan will be developed together from all the business planning approaches with the financial, sales, production and design to create an integrated plan to approach this goal in the most efficient way.


Trend Forecasting, Design and Collection Creation.

Trend analysis is approached from very different perspectives, not only reading the catwalks and collections and also the general environment in cultural movements (music, art, cinema, etc.), socially, economically and even politically. All this aspects affects how we read fashion trends and how will be absorbed for the market.

We will design a collection according to trends, market needs and your company strategy, creating a product to give the best performance in terms of benefit but also on client’s engagement. Starting from the mood-boards, to the fabric selection, color palette, prints & graphics to the final presentation and the client service.

All this process will be coordinated from beginning to end.


Team Builder

Every project is different and the key for Succes is being surrounded by the right talent in each and every part of the process. One of the strengths that i really believe is the key of success is being adaptable and creating a team with the right talents for every project. Each and every professional that gets involved in the project will be profiles with strong profiles in important companies or as independent professionals.