Miquel Angel
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committed since 2006

We are holistic fashion design strategists with more than ten years experience achieveing profitable growth partenring with fashion brands and factories worldwide assisting to optimize the creative and productive performance with clients. 


What do we do

Trend analisis & forecasting catwalks, blogs, social media and competitors. Providing a comprehensive briefing of colors, prints and key items.

Fabric guidance, sourcing and selecting materials ensuring quality, cost-efficiency and the final look.

Collection Development from silouettes to prints (positionals, allovers, panel prints), embroideries, dying and finishing process, etc. To have a polished and effective collection responding to trends and market demands.          

Clients support understanding and tracing a strategy as a parters in a long term basis in our determination to succed. 


What makes us different

Finding new potential market opportunities.

Enhacing collections through outstanding desing in a holistic approach.

Addapting our products and services to offer a tailored solution to each client.

We’re involved in the whole creative process so we can respond in every stage from the concept and first ideas to the final sample. 

Who are we working with

Factories from all over the world that need design and trading to get a better approach with their clients.

Brands that wants to develop special collections or need external support in Graphic and or fashion design.