Miquel Angel
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Creative Process

I manage all the creative process to create a collection, from the first trend analysis and realisation of moodboards, the first drafts for designs, shapes, details and trimmings, to the creation of original prints, allovers, color palette and the follow-up of the samples to finally make a presentation in front of the client.



Starting with a deep research through websites, blogs and specialized forecast websites like WGSN, give the focus to work into the client needs and provides clear direction for graphic and general design to get a coherent collection linked with trends and real market needs.


Fabric Selection

Making the right selection of qualities it's one of the keys for a collection succes, interesting structures, right weights, comfortable, and right weights according to the collection and the season it's a task that we work on carefully with the clients.



Selection and Prediction of colors for specific seasons and collections, focussing on the needs for each market and building each brand's identity. Also one important part it's understanding the different process of dying depending on the materials, and how this would affect to the prints and also a final wash and especially how the rejection will affect to the final production.


Collection Design

The process continues with the creation of the silhouettes and construction of the garments, using MoodBoards, shoppings or other resources that will help us to make the base of the collection to later apply fabrics, colors, washes and prints.


Prints & Graphics

I create original artworks to apply for positional prints, allovers or embroidery and embellishements, using a wide knowledge in the printing and apliquée tecniques and doing a continuos research for new tecniques.


Meetings & Client Service

Presentation is the representation of all the work in front of the client, the coordination of colors, shapes, textures, in the right disposition to recreate the ambient of the trends and the posible placement of the product in the stores will make this connection with the client more fluid as we will talk the same language. All together with a daily communication is the base of a good relationship base on trust.