Photo by Pedro Quintana.

(born on 21st August 1982 in Barcelona) had a vocation for fashion at an early age. Passionate, refined and deeply conceptual, he began his studies of fashion design in his home town in 2000 in Escola Superior de Disseny ESDI, with the clear intention of having a wider view of the fashion world connected, on one hand, with arts and philosophy, but on the other hand with economy, marketing and sociology.

His professional career also begun very soon, when he started his university studies. At that time, he participated in a well-known contest, named MODAFAD, and was selected as best designer finalist in 2002 and promoted to participate in the PLATFORM inside the International Fashion Week of Barcelona, where he showed two collections. Later on and after being graduated, he worked for some famous and worldwide renown designers such as Purificación García, Antonio Alvarado, Carolina Herrera, Armani or Asos, and as an illustrator he published in magazines like Vanidad, Tendencias or Marie Claire. This experience gave him a wide knowledge of the fashion profession.

Nowadays, he is neither a fashion designer, illustrator, coolhunter or photographer. He just uses the technique as a tool to express and represent all his intimate world reinforcing his own identity under the name, Miquel Angel.

The creation of versatile work, while reaffirming his own identity, we could tell that his profession is multifaceted and his aspiration chameleon-like.

Welcome to this creative universe.

miquel angel graphic textile designer art director fashion consultant